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Following a population peak, the now decreasing caribou density and grazing allow for an alteration to a more diverse vegetation. The analyses also include frequencies of the testate amoeba Assulina (possibly including some Euglyphd) of; fruit bodies of the primitive Ascomycete Microthyrium, labiae of Chironomidae larvae, the algae Pediastrum and Botryococcus.

However, around 1970, it became a pond once again as a result of a climatic oscillation towards more humid conditions. As a result of the distance from the sea, the rain-shadow effect of high mountains and the Sukkertoppen Icecap to the southwest, and of its proximity to the Inland Ice, the climate is low-arctic, continental (Fig. Strong easterly winds, either catabatic or foehn, are fairly frequent, often resulting in dust storms which deposit loess-like material (Dijkmans & Tornqvist, 1991). Dominating mosses in the moist greens are Aulacomnium palustre (Hedw.)Schwaegr., A. & Mohr, Desmatodon latifolius (Hedw.)Brid., Isopterygium pulchellum (Hedw.)Jaeg. Other species include; Tortula norvegica (Web.f.)Wg., T. However, all the Cyperaceae pollen appeared fresh, strongly indicating contamination during sampling. 6) shows a change from a Betula heath to a grassland, seemingly becoming more humid closer to the present time (Hippuris pollen in f, Chironomidae in g). 7) and the concurrent change in vegetation beginning around 40 cm may well have been caused by grazing. russisk dating Mariagerfjord As a consequence of this, and of evaporation during the sunny and warm summers, lakes and ponds are often both alkaline and saline (Bocher, 1949; Hansen, 1970). turgidum (Wg.)Schwaegr., Drepanocladus aduncus (Hedw.) Warast. ruralis (Hedw.)Gaertn., plus the same species as in the moist greens less Aulacomnium palustre, Climacium, Drepanocladus uncinatus and Isopterygium. Many wood fragments of Betula nana in the slides indicate its local growth. Whether the decrease around 20 cm marks a period of less intensive grazing cannot be determined, but the effect of grazing is clearly seen in the uppermost 5 cm. At this site two profiles have been analyzed, one taken from the centre of the green, the other from an open, low Salix glauca copse at the edge.The decrease in several curves of soil parameters at the 40-50 cm level seems connected with the change from a humus soil to minerogenic, aeolian sediments. The deeper sample, taken from 25-27 cm below the surface, was dated at 1690 ±75 B. However, the character of the upper sediment indicated rapid growth, and thus a fairly recent formation of the green. At site 8, the vegetation change from a Betula nana heath to a Salix scrub can be most likely ascribed to one of these events.The results obtained can be referred to two main factors which will be discussed separately, viz. P., the beginning of the Vesterbygd glacial period is reflected mainly by changes in the composition of the vegetation (Fredskild, 1985). In the continental part of West Greenland, climatic changes or oscillations are most readily reflected in lakes without outlets or in shallow ponds.

40 dating Glostrup

Vi nsker alle god fornjelse med - og held og lykke med din nste senior date. Though covering less than 2% of the area around Kangerlussuaq, Midwest Greenland, small "greens" of non-flowering Poa pratensis are used as feeding sites by caribou, 25% of the time during summer, peaking at 78% in the post-calving period.At what level grazing began is not clear, most likely not until quite recently.This is confirmed by the soil analyses which indicate former grazing (Fig. The lower half of the profile (a-d) under the copse (Fig.A peat sample from the upper ridge has been dated at 2,330 ± 120 B. The lowering of temperature and increasing precipitationin past decades reflect such oscillations as other nearby lakes bear evidence of past vegetation, mainly willow, on former banks which have since been drowned.

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