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Siegfried Vögele Institut (SVI) Sustainability and Competitiveness Prof. Manfred Kirchgeorg Jana Weiß / Anja Jagmann (on maternity leave) Dr. Silko Pfeil Nadine Horbas Christina Beyer (maternity leave), Rico Bornschein, Anna-Katharina Jäger, Katja Lurie, Rico Manß, Bio Economy Cluster Central Germany Institut für Praktische Journalismusforschung (Institute for Applied Journalism Research)Sustainablility Research Group (Leibniz Universität Hannover, Universität Potsdam, Gf K Verein) Consumer Behavior & Marketing Research E-Business Efficient Marketing Mix Planning Marketing & Customer Relationship Management Marketing Management Marketing Strategy & Brand Management Microeconomics of Competitiveness Service & Retail Marketing The team at the SVI-Endowed Chair of Marketing sees itself as an academic service partner with a commitment to excellence.

In today's world, marketing managers must meet challenges such as digitization and climate change with in-depth vertical and horizontal expertise.

We use this model to study the stability of the Antarctic ice sheet.

In addition we have coupled the ice model Sicopolis to our Earth System model CLIMBER-2 to study the stability of the Greenland ice sheet in past and future climate changes.

chat portale kostenlos Potsdam

DIVA is a global model to estimate impacts of sea level rise on all coastal nations as well as the costs and benefits of possible adaptation measures.Our current global sea level projections Future sea level rise primarily depends on our future greenhouse gas emissions. Hence we cooperate with leading sea level researchers from around the world, for example in joint studies published with Anny Cazenave (CNES, France), John Church (CSIRO, Australia), Ben Horton (Univ. Broadly based assessments have endorsed our projections, e.g.Depending on the emissions scenario (B1, A2, A1FI) our semi-empirical estimates (central estimates published 2009) range between ca. This is significantly more than corresponding estimates of the 2007 IPCC report ("AR4") based on process-based models. the Antarctic Science Report, the Copenhagen Diagnosis, the Arctic Report of AMAP and the 2012 World Bank Climate Report.And we want to better understand the interplay of sea level, climate and coasts, as part of our integrated Earth system science.The Potsdam Institute is home to one of the world's leading sea level science groups.

Chat portale kostenlos Potsdam

Companies and institutions alike value the chair‘s scientific expertise and its role as a sparring partner who is not afraid to think outside the box.Collaboration between academics and practitioners can take all kinds of different forms, including hands-on student projects, master's theses, the preparation of corporate case studies, workshops, consulting projects and even the launch of new research groups.They must also be prepared to question traditional tools and methods.It takes courage, perseverance and a good deal of responsibility to tread new paths in research and education.Such exacting demands can only be met by a team whose excellence is rivaled only by their dedication.

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The team at the SVI-Endowed Chair of Marketing combines an outstanding profile of academic achievements with hands-on international business experience.Bridging the gap between the scientific and business communities has become second nature to them.Research projects funded by internal and external resources are grouped into three distinct fields.Arvato is a leading international service provider that thrives on digital technology.Every day, over 70,000 Arvato employees in more than 40 countries are at work helping our customers achieve success in the market.

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