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The aim is to exemplify high-quality project management skills and identify what is required to become a successful leader.

To begin, when individuals first learn about Fiedler's contingency theory, 'they generally think of the more readily used form of the word contingency' (Envision, 2005).

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Single tannenbaum

A broad range of leadership styles have been depicted on the continuum between two extremes of autocratic and free rein (See figure 1).While the theory foresees leader effectiveness upon an individual's characteristics and favourableness of the situation, the significant of effectiveness is anticipated by most variants of contingency theory as choosing the correct style of leader.The style of the leader is anticipated by both external and internal factors within an organisation i.e.The following essay will demonstrate the author's ability to understand key theoretical and strategic issues relating to human resource management.The author will take the needs of the organisation and the individual, in order to maximise motivation, workplace practices and culture.

Single tannenbaum

In essence, they assume that contingency is an element that relays upon or caused by another event i.e.leaderships, groups of people or infrequent relationships come into contention.Psychologists believed that there were preeminent methods to run a group or organisation, which had the best decision making and effective business practices.Therefore, Fielder's contingency theory was a benchmark to all modern management theories, in contradicting, 'singular ideal organizational approaches' (Envision, 2005).The leadership continuum was originally written in 1958 by Tannenbaum and Schmidt and was later updated in the year 1973.

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