Udo lindenberg single discography

List of all Udo Lindenberg albums including EPs and some singles - a discography of Udo Lindenberg CDs and Udo Lindenberg records.List includes Udo Lindenberg album cover artwork in many cases, and if we are missing an album cover feel free to upload it in wiki fashion.In 1973 Lindenberg first went on tour with his Panikorchester (Panic Orchestra).

Udo lindenberg single discography

In the following year, the first LP in German was released: Daumen im Wind (produced by Lindenberg and Thomas Kukuck, who also co-produced Lindenberg's next five albums), featuring the single "Hoch im Norden", which became a radio hit in northern Germany.Udo Lindenberg (vocals), Steffi Stephan (bass), Gottfried Böttger (piano), Peter Backhausen [Backi] (drums), Karl Allaut (guitar), Judith Hodosi (saxophone), Olaf Kübler (saxophone), Helmuth Franke (guitar), Thomas Kretschmer [Carola Kretschmer] (guitar), Keith Forsey (drums), Roger Hook (guitar), Paul Vincent (guitar), Kravetz (keyboards), Bertram Engel (drums), Gepard Gloning (saxophone), Nippy Noya (percussion), Hannes Bauer (guitar), Hendrik Schaper (keyboards), Carl Carlton (guitar), Kieran Hilbert (guitar), Lukas Hilbert (bass), Jean Autret (drums), Frank Oberpichler [Frank Hieber] (piano), Curt Cress (drums), Jörg Andreas Sander (guitar), Martin Tingvall (piano)Bauer, Garn & Dyke, Bauer, Zapp & Dyke, Hannes Bauer's Orchester Gnadenlos, Herman Brood, Eric Burdon & The Animals, Carl Carlton & the Song Dogs, Central Park, Dennis, Disco, Emsland Hillbillies, Hollander, Casey Jones & The Governors, Lake, Long Tall Ernie and The Shakers, No Distance, Paso Doble, Passport, Public Parc, Rockzirkus, Tarzan, Third Eye, Time Bandits, Das Waldemar Wunderbar Syndikat, Woodville Zwoo, Yellowide Advertisers are not allowed to run annoying ads on RYM. Kennenlernen online kostenlos You can use this form to report problematic or annoying ads.This full Udo Lindenberg discography is alphabetical, however you can sort Udo Lindenberg album list by any column.Note that this complete list of Udo Lindenberg releases is based on official releases and does not always include promotional-only discs, although they are listed when we have data on them.

Udo lindenberg single discography

On Lindenbergs Rock Revue (1978), Lindenberg and Horst Königstein "Germanized" rock classics from Little Richard to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and went on a big tour.The number 1 hit "We Gotta Get out of This Place" was also released with German lyrics.He also played drums for the theme music for the German TV series Tatort.The first LP by the Jazz rock group Emergency was released in 1971 but met with little commercial success.In 1970 he collaborated as a drummer with jazz saxophonist Klaus Doldinger in Munich.

In 1971 Passport, a band founded by Doldinger, released its first album, with Lindenberg on drums.Besides the LP Galaxo Gang he also released a record under the name Das Waldemar Wunderbar Syndicat (I make you feel good), a first Best of Panik Udo and the first in a series of foreign-language releases, No Panic, on which Lindenberg translated his songs into English.In the same year (and on another LP: Sister King Kong) with the song "Rock ’n’ Roll Arena in Jena", Lindenberg first mentioned a Panic Orchestra tour in the GDR.The last album using the Panikorchester name is "Radio Eriwahn", released in 1985.Panik Orchester, Panik-Orchester, Udo Lindenberg & Das Panik Orchester, Udo Lindenberg & Das Panik-Orchester, Udo Lindenberg & Das Panikorchester, Udo Lindenberg & Panik Orchester, Udo Lindenberg & Panik Orchestra, Udo Lindenberg & Panikorchester, Udo Lindenberg & Sein Panikorchester, Udo Lindenberg & The Panic Orchestra, Udo Lindenberg Panikorchester, Udo Lindenberg And The Panic Orchestra, Udo Lindenberg And The Panik Orchestra, Udo Lindenberg Und Das Legendäre Panikorchester, Udo Lindenberg Und Das Panik Orchester, Udo Lindenberg Und Das Panik-Orchester, Udo Lindenberg Und Panik-Orchester, Udo Lindenberg.

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